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The Innovative Projects: RS Builders Projects In Mohali and Chandigarh

Residential Construction

Innovation is key to all of our processes here at RS Builders, and what better way to tell you that than by showing you! We’re a dedicated construction services company that doesn’t believe in talking big, we believe in doing and and letting our work speak for our quality.

Below are some of our most cherished projects in both residential and commercial spaces to give you a glimpse into our thought process and execution excellence.

1. The Ribbon House built by RS Builders

The Ribbon House is located in a graciously expanding premium residential area in sector 85, Mohali. The exteriors alone are deemed worthy of appreciation and recognition, which now that we mentioned, this marvellous construction has received from some of the most prestigious names in the circuit.

The Ribbon House displays such stellar building execution, that it was published in ArchDaily and featured in Amazing Architecture. The structure displays an amazing display of concrete in its facade. The name itself comes from the flowing ribbon-like constructions enclosing the house in its entirety.

This project was special because it was built with so many innovative additions and provisions for sustainability, as the owner himself insisted on reflecting his love for the environment. The house features an excellent use of space to encourage maximum light to enter and increase natural airflow reducing the load on electrical appliances.

The Ribbon House in Mohali by RS Builders is truly a sight to be seen for all those seeking residential construction services that are unique, distinct, and powerful!

2. Tessa Lace

The Tessa Lace is a testament to new-age commercial spaces located in the industrial area of Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab. This unique, polygonal– geometric structure was built around the inspirational legacy left behind by the primary designer of Chandigarh city during British rule- Le Corbusier.

As keen appreciators of his fine work, we at RS Builders knew this wasn’t a job for yet another commercial builder, and required people with a vision instead. Built in 2021, The Tessa Lace is a structural marvel that was built with the intention of making a statement so bold, that any onlooker can’t resist but stop and stare. It’s safe to say, we succeeded!


The incomparable quality of our construction services can be estimated by observing MELTCRETE – A Corporate building located in the JLPL Industrial area. The remarkable thing about this structure is the Melting Concrete illusion we created for its facade.

By incorporating a metallic railing in waves complimenting the flowing concrete, we enhanced the outlook of the building whilst also giving it a taller appearance. This building also came out to be pretty budget-friendly, thanks to our little experimentation with metal silhouettes by cutting our material costs.

4. Never Never Cube

The Never Never Cube is yet another milestone we’re proud to have accomplished as the leading name in residential and commercial builders in Chandigarh. This commercial concept was an intriguing challenge as we had to bring two pieces of land together to bring something as robust as this to come to life.

The distinguishing factor of this structure located in the JLPL Industrial area, Punjab is its legendary compartmentalisation as seen in multiple pseudo-cubic apertures on the facade. These open spaces not only make for a beautiful exterior but also serve as functional balconies for every unit. On top of that, the perfect angle and construction ensure ample wind flow and sunlight throughout the building.

5. Convergence

Where shapes and lights converge to create magic! The convergence is a one-of-a-kind commercial construction project located in the IT Park of Mohali, Punjab. This futuristic concept was inspired by the journey of a light ray when it falls upon a surface.

As you can see, we used various angles to create a lopsided appearance of curved lines narrowing towards the end. The execution of the structure was done keeping in mind the space around it, and the need to appear more larger than it actually is. From the inside as well, the Convergence appears spacious and wide.


This was just a sneak peek into the innovative construction works we get to do here at RS Builders. Leaving behind any other construction company in India by a long shot, we are our own competition in innovation and excellence. Connect with us to build your dream home or business building!

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