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Tips for Maintaining Your Residential Concrete Construction Project Over Time

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In the construction landscape, when we think about building a strong and sturdy structure, the first thing that comes to mind is concrete. But despite their reputation, concrete is not immune to damage. Every element on Earth exists in a specific timeframe. The durability of structures decreases with age; it could be a hundred or maybe a thousand years, but deterioration is an inevitable occurrence. Heavy use and exposure to chemicals, weather, and even improper maintenance can ruin it even more. 

If you want your construction project to last, it’s important to understand how to maintain it. This blog post will provide the best tips for keeping your residential construction project in top condition.

Regular Cleaning

Continuous cleaning activity forms the basic part of concrete upkeep. The amount of damage that can be caused by continual dirt buildup may seem negligible, but it can actually shorten the life of your concrete surfaces by a few years. Even small pieces of stone can scratch or crack the surface of the floors and damage them if no attention is paid. Using a pressure washer, you get rid of these fragments and protect the structural integrity of the surfaces made of concrete. 

Sealing and Treatment

After completing your construction project, the next important step is sealing and treating the roof membrane. Unsealed concrete surfaces can develop algae, mould, and, even worse, mildew, which can cause problems. To prevent this, you should seal your concrete surfaces within 24 hours of cleaning. This process includes two stages: acid washing (which is by far the most commonly used method of cleaning concrete) and applying sealant with a paint roller. A single coat of paint usually covers the entire surface.

Timely Crack Repair

Thanks to technological advancements, fixing cracks in concrete surfaces has become more effective and productive than ever before. Solutions like sealants and other adhesives have boosted the performance of repair materials and led to excellent repairs that can extend the lifespan of concrete structures. Consequently, it becomes crucial to deal with cracks immediately after their appearance to avoid further deterioration. 

Regular Inspection and Upkeep

The maintenance of concrete surfaces requires regular inspections. If you’ve properly cleaned, prepared, and sealed your concrete, maintaining it should be as easy as sweeping away debris and wetting or mopping any spilt oil or grease. An annual flaking check is also suggested. If sealant flaking is seen in a specified area, you can follow the localised pressure wash and rescaling solutions.  

Avoid De-icing Chemicals

In colder parts of the world, salt mixtures are most often used to melt snow and ice on concrete surfaces. However, this approach eventually causes a fair amount of wear to your concrete. This might include scaling, which ultimately weakens the concrete and causes more damage. Alternatively, instead of rock salt, you can choose sand and cat litter to improve traction. For safety, shovel the snow and ice regularly. 

Protect High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic places, such as driveways and walks, are more susceptible to damage. To keep the area clean, it is recommended that floor mats or rugs be installed. These may, in return, aid in the equal distribution of force and lower impact on the concrete. 

Control Moisture Intrusion

Moisture intrusion is one of the major problems that largely destroy concrete structures. It might result in corrosion of the reinforcing bars, efflorescence, and a worse structural failure. Prevent water penetration by keeping a clear runoff of your concrete surfaces. This can be accomplished by developing the ground that will drain the water away from the concrete, installing drain pipes, and sealing the cracks and joints. 

Be Mindful of Weight Loads

Trouble comes when the excess weight stresses the structural members, and it fractures with time. Thus, you should pay attention not only to the weight loads your concrete structures face but also to the direction of the loads. Keep in mind where you put the heavy objects or equipment on your concrete surfaces, as they can be damaged if they are left there for too long. For those parking arbitrary heavy vehicles or installing hefty machinery, you should consider modifying your concrete for increased weight. 


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