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Consulting Services

Are you looking for a guiding presence to support you while you work on your dream project, RS Builders is here for you! Our construction consultancy services empower you to break down the big, complex, and often abstract ideas for your site into small, quick, and actionable steps for you to start realistically viewing and recording your progress.
Turnkey Construction Services

Powering your Progress

Every construction site harbours its own, unique set of hurdles and thus requires specialised attention. Our years of experience help us predict most of these problems and tailor solutions accordingly. You can leverage our expertise to improve your construction process or get it back on track.
We offer full-service construction consultancy to lend you support every step of the way. In your arrangement with your contractor, we represent you and ensure that the workflow aligns with your vision. We make this journey easier for you with our cost-saving ideas and seamless administration.

The Whole Package

You’ll get an all-rounded package curated directly according to the demands of your project. We at RS Builders curate the ultimate checklist covering the A-Z of your building project and make sure your contractors are on the same page as you. We particularly prioritise your protection from any litigation or hazards.
Ribbon House Construction

Ensure your construction project’s success!
Avail our Building Consultancy services.

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We’re immensely diverse and dynamic in all of your projects. So whether you’re building a humble abode with peace and quiet, or you want to make heads turn with phenomenal