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Residential construction plan

Imagine your perfect home in the vibrant cities of Mohali or Chandigarh. When browsing through Pinterest and seeing those aesthetic, fantastic-looking buildings and structures, you want one for yourself. You already have a vision, and the only thing left is bringing that vision to life.  That’s where we come in. At RS Builders, we stand as the epitome of quality and reliability in the construction domain. From conception to completion, RS Builders provides a smooth route to realising your dream project. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, or home construction project, we offer our knowledge and passion to make your idea a reality.

Inspired by the visionary architect Ar. Le Corbusier, RS Builders embraces the challenge of building the extraordinary. Our mission is to contribute to the architectural marvels of the Tricity, infusing them with unique facades and innovative designs that captivate the world’s attention. And here’s a whirlwind tour of our standout projects. 


Hexalace is a commercial building in Mohali, Punjab, designed to address heat exhaustion and climatic conditions during working hours. The design features hexagonal apertures, a slim layer of concrete, and a metallic-frame hexagram delineation across a concrete screen. The main curtain wall allows for pockets of air, creating a clean and green environment with reduced heat radiations. Balcones around the building instil green elements, making the working environment refreshing for employees.

Never Never Cube

The Never-Never cube is a parallelepiped matrix. The entire layout consists of multiple beautiful balconies that allow just enough light to filter through. The right angles keep the breeze at bay, which extends across the floors and passes via tiny openings in the form of glass concealed beneath the concrete facade. One can use the building’s minor protrusions to create a custom coffee area. The breeze and the appropriate quantity of sunlight coming through the fractals of the sun deck perfectly synchronise with your mood to create an energetic vibe.

Tessa Lace

Tessa Lace was built to preserve the tradition and architectural integrity of the city’s commercial and institutional complexes, as envisioned by the legendary architect Le Corbusier. The tessellated facade is constructed with repetitions of polygonal shapes, leaving voids in between. This has been uniformly connected, with white MS flat membranes occupying some polygonal spaces. In order to create the abstract shape, the shapes are grouped at sharp angles and stretched out in all directions to enhance distinctiveness from the surrounding commercial buildings.

The Ribbon House

The Ribbon House, located in Sector 85 in Mohali, Punjab, is a prime example of quality construction and dedication. The 3712.47-square-foot project, managed by RS Builders, was finished in 2022. The world-class construction, which incorporates green building processes and uses high-quality materials, demonstrates our team’s dedication and hard work. The house’s aesthetic appeal and seamless contours make it an excellent example of sustainable architecture, highlighting the importance of quality in our construction process.


RS Builders offers a range of services designed to meet your construction needs. We provide an unparalleled team of professionals and exceptional construction management to ensure the highest quality throughout the construction process. With the expertise to handle all types of construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial, RS Builders is the best construction company if you’re looking for a trustworthy collaborator for your impending building requirements.

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