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Meltcrete: A Unique Commercial Building Constructed By RS Builders


RS Builders takes on the task of creating the unusual, motivated by the visionary architecture of Ar. Le Corbusier. Our goal is to enhance the architectural wonders of Tricity by adding distinctive facades and cutting-edge designs that draw attention from around the world. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sector 82, JLPL Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab, India, RS Builders presents Meltcrete—a masterpiece poised to redefine commercial construction

Meltcrete: A Triumph of Design

Meltcrete is an example of creative genius; it was designed by the dynamic team of Mr. Badrinath Kaleru and Mrs. Prerna Kaleru from Studio Ardete, drawing inspiration from the brilliant mind of the great Mr Le Corbusier. It is more than simply a structure; it is an exquisite piece of architecture designed to mesh beautifully with the surrounding industrial environment.

Innovative Concept

At its core, Meltcrete embodies a daring concept – the illusion of melting concrete. Its three-tiered curved layers not only mesmerise with their aesthetics but also challenge perception, giving the impression of a building taller than its physical form. This magnificent design not only captivates the eye but also represents the fluidity of contemporary architectural expression.


RS Builders sets a new standard in efficiency and excellence with the construction of Meltcrete. Adopting a minimalist approach and strategically integrating metal silhouettes, construction costs were reduced without compromising quality or visual appeal. The flexible open-layout plan empowers tenants to customise their spaces, ushering in a new era of adaptability in commercial properties.

The success of Meltcrete is the result of a talented team working together. Each member, from visionary architects to diligent planners and expert artisans, made a significant contribution. Mr Vikas Bhardwaj of Continental Foundations deserves special praise for his structural competence, as does the design team for their unique contributions.

Materials of Excellence

For the construction of Meltcrete, RS Builders acquired supplies from reliable manufacturers like TATA Steel, UltraTech Cement, Asian Paints, and Saint Gobain. These premium materials guarantee the building’s longevity and sustainability in addition to strengthening its structural integrity. The company collaborates closely with suppliers to ensure materials meet required standards. Once sourced, RS Builders coordinates logistics and transportation to ensure timely delivery to the construction site. Materials are stored and managed to prevent damage and ensure availability. Finally, the materials are installed and integrated according to project plans and specifications. 

A Visionary Future

For RS Builders, Meltcrete is more than just a structure; it is a symbol of progress, innovation, and sustainable growth. It acts as a spark for a more promising future in which future generations are inspired by architectural marvels. We encourage you to go with us toward a future lighted by marvels such as Meltcrete as we continue to push the envelope of architectural ingenuity.

The Ending Note

Meltcrete is a shining example of architectural genius that is changing the face of commercial buildings in Mohali, Punjab. It is a tribute to the strength of innovation, teamwork, and creativity, with its cutting-edge design, practical construction, and unwavering quest for excellence that goes beyond the boundaries of architecture. 

In the construction industry, RS Builders represents the height of quality and reliability. Whether you’re building a home, business, or industrial structure, our construction company provides a flawless method for realising your dream project from beginning to end.

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