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The Convergence: A Commercial Property Breathing Excellence


Commercial construction is taking leaps in the modern construction industry, and the construction of such projects requires skills and expertise. The visual appeal of commercial properties has become as important as the space utility. But what good is a stylish design that cannot be implemented in the real world? If the finished project does not match the design of the building, then there’s some problem with your construction service provider’s efforts. You must find a construction company that can turn your imagination into a reality, surpassing your expectations in every way.

Convergence is one such project our company has completed, which exuberates our engineers’ excellent construction process and skills. This commercial space is redefining the conventional way of building a commercial project to match the utility needs of the occupants. Our company has dramatically emphasised building a sustainable structure that provides usage to the occupants and is in harmony with the outer environment. The goal is to provide sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly projects that will be remembered for times to come. Let’s get a detailed view of this project and how it made it to reality from the design sheets.  

RS Builders And Mr Ravijeet Singh

This project is a gem in the crown of commercial projects for RS Builders. The company and its founder, Mr Ravijeet Singh, derives his inspiration from the great French architect Le Corbusier, the principal designer of Chandigarh city. Mr Ravijeet Singh was the chief engineer in this project, and he was incredibly driven to construct modern structures using the green-building process so that the commercial or residential project could sustain itself in harmony with the outer environment and make a unique personality of its own. He emphasises constructing the best projects that take birth from your creativity and masters in shaping your dreams with concrete.

The mission and vision of our company is to create beautiful structures and bring the unimaginable into the real world, keeping environmental sustainability in mind. Our company tries to breathe life into every commercial and residential project. Mr Ravijeet Singh is a true example of innovation and creativity, which the projects handled by the company can truly justify. Delivering your dreams with elegance has been the top priority of our company, and Convergence is a life-size witness that supports our statements.

Project Details

The name Convergence refers to uniformity or the act of moving towards uniformity. The constant efforts of all our employees, architects, and engineers flowed towards integrity and harmony to construct this beautiful commercial building that stands tall in plot 1248, JLPL Industrial Ares, of Mohali, Punjab, India. This commercial building possesses a unique personality and converses with the audience by displaying it in different shapes and lights. The illusion created is the craftsmanship of our engineers, who constructed the building to illuminate itself in various shades at other times of the day. The construction industry recognised this project, and this structure found its place in infamous magazines and publications like the ArchDaily, and featured in Amazing Architecture

Global recognition means professionalism in the construction process and reliable delivery of promises. This structure looks stunning from the outside, and the inside of this stylish commercial space is also top-notch. The materials and products used in the project are TATA Steel, Ultratech cement, Asian Paints, TATA Tiscon TMT bars, Saint Gobain materials and Kone elevators.  The use of glass in the building allows ample sunlight to cross through the structure’s interior, providing a natural illumination for most of the day, which is very energy-efficient. Overall, this commercial project exemplifies how a good construction company can convert the designs on paper into broad reality and blow life into the structure with its engineering. Our company managed this project, and we have delivered what was promised to the client, which is pure excellence. Now, this commercial space allows other businesses to furnish products and services to the public. 


Our company constantly strives to provide clients with the best construction and timely completion of projects. You need to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the building you want to have, and we will handle the rest. Our expert architects and engineers will mould their skills and expertise in the construction materials to deliver the project better than you imagined. Be it residential construction, commercial construction, turnkey projects or consultancy services. Our company will offer you the most reliable engineering and construction services you can find to build your dreams.

If you also want to turn your dreams into reality, trust RS Builders with this task, and we assure you that all those imaginations will be standing in front of your eyes in a beautiful structure. We are the top builders in Mohali and will provide the best construction services. You can rely on us for a professional construction journey for your dream residential or commercial project. Contact us now, and let’s place the first brick towards the luxurious and unforgettable journey of constructing your dream home or office with us.

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