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Meltcrete: Excellent Construction That Displays Melting Concrete



Commercial spaces change with changing times, giving a refreshing vibe with their unique infrastructure and attractive building design. The more beautiful the appearance of the building, the more intricate the construction process, which needs to be precisely executed in order to deliver quality commercial construction projects. One such project our company has delivered is the Meltcrete, a grand commercial building that does justice to its names and gives a vibrant feel of melting concrete. We did justice to every curve of the building and constructed a facade that speaks for itself. A series of right decisions and professional strokes enabled us to make this commercial project a multi-storeyed masterpiece.

The construction materials used in making this building were of the best quality, and the accurate finishing that carved out every area of the building is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our company. In this blog, we will uncover the construction of the Meltcrete building and understand how a liquid flow could be provided to any construction building with rigid materials like concrete and steel. Let us dive into the world of mindblowing commercial buildings.

Where Is It?

Commercial projects are always challenging tasks as we have to deliver breathtaking projects per our client’s expectations and also meet the utility aspect of the building. This commercial project was great in our journey of magnificent commercial projects. Built on an area of 9000 square feet, the massive Meltcrete is a commercial space that breathes excellent construction. This commercial space is a beauty to behold, and it adorns the Sector 82, JLPL Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab, India. The building acts as a landmark for the region as it can be identified from a distance due to its unique design and impressive construction. This small multi-storeyed building was shaped to perfection by creating a series of curvilinear facades of concrete that give the artistic illusion of melting. Now, this commercial building serves as a corporate office and exhibition area for other businesses that rent it out to do their business. The use of glass on the front side of the building has been intricately done to let ample sunlight penetrate the indoors of the buildings, illuminating the workspace naturally and adding to the energy efficiency of the building.

Construction Like Never Before

The facade on the front side looks like melted concrete, and the hand railings also give a liquid flow to the whole building. Hence, the building earned its name, Meltcrete. The building stands out in the surroundings with solid tones of grey and white, with light reflecting from the glass, giving the building a glitter of natural light. The outer facade of concrete and railings reflects the dropping of a liquid. This facade took a lot of work to accomplish using concrete and other construction materials. Still, our skilled workers turned the concepts on paper into a concrete reality that caught the eye of every bypasser. 

The entire construction process started from making the base layer, which is the building itself. Then, we came to the next phase, where we constructed the RCC [reinforced cement concret] facade that gave a unique perspective to the outer appearance of the building. After successfully creating a visually appealing facade, we moved on to integrate railings into the structure of the building that complemented the liquid design of the concrete facade. All these construction phases were done with utmost precision so that we could deliver satisfying results to our clients. 

About Our Company

Completing this mesmerising commercial construction project within time and giving justice to the design element was a mammoth task. Still, the integrated efforts of all our workers, employees, and engineers bore great fruit as we delivered this project to our client. We have completed several commercial and industrial construction projects like these that seemed next to impossible due to their complex design and creative concepts. Our team of skilled experts can shape any idea into reality by concrete. We follow the best construction process and focus on completing the minutest details with proficiency. Our company ensures a stress-free and transparent construction journey for you. We provide that our workers are safe and sound as we value the safety of our employees the most. Delivering quality construction projects has become one of our qualities as we move toward transforming society by making unique and grand structures that will be remembered for years. 


Commercial projects like these need a roadmap and expert guidance to pave the way for a state-of-the-art building that makes a style statement. Our company has delivered many projects like these that speak for themselves. The construction process followed by our company is entirely hassle-free and transparent as we gradually shape your dreams and give them the shape of a building. Our company delivers construction projects that meet the aesthetic expectations of our clients and the quality standards of the local building norms.

If you also have a vacant space and want to build commercial buildings that stand out from the crowd with their unique construction, RS Builders is the right place for you. We are the best builders in Mohali and have an extensive experience in the field of construction. You can trust us with your time and money as our skilled workers will intricately carve out the building to match your imagination. Contact us now and start the beautiful journey of building a mesmerising commercial space. 

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