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Green Building: Enhancing Sustainability and Protecting Nature

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Following the footsteps of our founder Mr. Ravijeet Singh, we keep sustainability central to our mission here at RS Builders. In the current climate, it has become more crucial than ever to not only cause less pollution but to actively take steps to transform our energy consumption. Especially when it comes to providing construction services.

We’re proud to announce that we have been at the forefront of creating energy-efficient structures long before the global awareness and acceptance for it came to happen. Thus, enabling us to uplift many others trying to begin their journey. If you’re also someone looking to understand green building, how it favours us, and how you can get on board this green train, continue reading ahead.

What is Green Building?

The name itself gives you an idea that Green Building refers to the process of utilising eco-friendly processes to construct buildings that are energy-efficient and sustainable. Not only does it safeguard the environment from the harmful effects of conventional construction processes but also ensures long-term power and cost savings by equipping the structures with pro-earth amenities.

So it’s just adding eco-friendly structures to my site?

No, it’s so much more than that!

When we say we’re practicing green construction, we do want to add provisions to be able to harness cleaner sources of energy, but that’s not where it begins.

It begins with the design itself!

When you come to us with a commercial or Residential Construction project, we start by creating a design that would already require fewer measures to enhance power saving. By using the natural abilities of any space, we design it in a way that promotes ventilation, enhances the flow of natural light, and fosters temperature regulation.

It’s fascinating how all of this can be accomplished just in the architectural phase. The actual construction component and the future electricity-saving component follow afterward. Naturally, not everyone can do it. Which is why you should reach out to us!

Why should I make my home energy-friendly?

Whether you’re thinking about starting a commercial or Residential Construction project, you need to consider this innovative approach for your home. If you don’t wish to do it for the sake of the planet, you must at least consider its tremendous benefits for you and more importantly, your pockets! Here are a few benefits to help you make up your mind.

More Savings, Less Hassle

Traditional construction practices are both labour and material intensive. Which means it requires a lot of manual labour and consumes a large amount of input materials such as water, concrete, energy, and building materials.
But when we make our construction green, it means we stop using excessive amounts of materials and substitute them with organic or harmless ones. This helps you save money from the start.

And don’t forget, with time, these savings only multiply!

How? Let us explain.

After you already saved money by relying on green materials and sustainable processes, you will then ask your Residential Contractor to upgrade your home with energy-saving solutions such as solar panels, water collecting tanks, thermal systems, etc. which will end up saving you money in utility bills consistently over the years.
Healthy for your loved ones!
It seems absurd when someone says homes can be healthy or harmful for you. But think of it like this, you spend your entire life inside of your home, surrounded by your walls.

The walls made of plastic-mixed concrete, covered with toxin and fume-releasing paint. All of this is touched by you regularly, mixed into the air you breathe, and sometimes children scratch them and ingest the grainy particles falling off.

And the walls are just one component of your home, you have the flooring, roofs, plumbing, and whatnot. All these amenities and their slow harmful secretions will affect your and your loved one’s health ultimately.

But this doesn’t happen in green buildings!

When you use safe materials, you don’t have to worry about any altercations they may cause. Here at RS Builders, we prioritise only tested and safe resources to build your unique home.

The Environment will thank you!

If you consider the bigger picture, our natural resources are depleting at an all-time high rate. This is adversely affecting our quality of life and questions the longevity of our lives. It should also be considered how traditional building methods affect the environment. You can read our blog on Pollution Vs. Construction, to learn more about that.

Convinced yet? Cause if not, then there is an even longer list of ways you can impact the lives of those around you and the entire planet just by one smart decision you make. The need for green building is most pressing in today’s scenario. The sooner we all realise that the better chances we have at a sustainable future, nay it is the only chance we have at any future.

How Can I Get Started?

The moment you landed here on our website, you already did! You have already reached the destination you need to be at, to make your home or office a green building. Whether you’re constructing one from scratch or thinking about upgrading your current one, RS Builders is your Commercial & Residential Contractor to make it all happen!

Let’s get together and save the planet. (P.S. We’ll take care of your pocket, don’t worry!)

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