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Construction Vs. Pollution: How RS Builders Ensures Green Building!

Green Building

Without a doubt, Construction and development go hand in hand. Any progressive area is recognised by its infrastructure, therefore eminent businessmen and industrialists can be seen looking for a construction contractor company that can help them be a part of the rapid progress India is experiencing currently. Unfortunately, like most necessities in life, this too comes at a cost. A major drawback is the significant amount of pollution caused by construction and the lack of sustainability in the industry as a whole.

This is where we come in! RS Builders emphasises heavily on keeping our construction processes as harmless as possible and reducing our impact on the environment. Read on to understand how construction contributes to pollution and how RS navigates through this conundrum.

How Construction Causes Pollution?

Construction pollution alas, is now recognised as its own kind of pollution owing to the considerable contribution it has to the overall contamination index. It can be seen increasing the pollution in air, water, and soil, and consequently has been observed to play a role in increasing landfill wastes and climate change.

A lot of it is caused due to the heavy machinery used in the processes such as Bulldozers, Excavators, Beakers, and Dumpers. Let’s learn about the three major kinds of pollution caused by construction.

Air Pollution

At any construction site, the primary pollution being caused is generally air pollution. This happens due to various reasons, yet the most prominent one is the smoke and fuel exhaustion caused by the machines responsible for a lot of tasks.

In addition to that, demolition is often a part of construction and when buildings fall, they release large quantities of dust into the air, polluting it further. This dust contains chemicals, toxins, components of wood, paint, cement, and so on which is a concerning byproduct that comes with your construction services.

Noise Pollution

When we talk about heavy-duty machines and demolition, we must also consider the amount of noise and disturbance that arise from them. The noises of drilling, hammering, moving vehicles, sharp electronic blade tools, moving pulleys, and such are a constant presence at any construction site that not only disrupts the peace of a location but can also have long-term health implications for the workers.

Water Pollution

The skilled work of construction requires ample amounts of water to ensure strong foundations and well-built structures, so they are often connected to natural sources of water. This connection ends up transferring both ways. The clean water from rivers/lakes goes to the site as well as it can carry all the contaminants on the ground/site that get mixed in water and get deposited in water beds and the soil.

How RS Builders tackles this pollution problem?

Here at RS Builders, we are committed to providing sustainable construction services to the best of our ability. Therefore we’ve spent years creating the ideal practices to handle your project while minimising their impact on the environment, our workers, and your pockets! Here are some ways in which we try to look after Mother Nature while building your dream projects.
Local Sourcing & Sustainable materials

To help you save transportation costs and shelter the environment from excessive pollution and exhaustion of fossil fuels, we source as much as we can from local vendors. This also helps us cut the turnaround time significantly. We power our equipment with greener, low sulphur fuel, to mitigate the damages and still deliver the best quality.

Waste Management

We make it our mission to create a zero-waste site when working. ( or as close to zero as it gets) From recycling all of our construction waste instead of burning it to treating our collected wastewater instead of dumping it back into the ocean, we are very cautious about what we release back into the environment.
Apart from this, we also safeguard our materials and store them separately so they are not mixed with each other or into any running water. We also attempt to control the air quality of the area by reducing the dust produced.

Using the Technological Edge

All of our processes are faster, more economical, and more eco-friendly than others because we are the only Commercial and Residential construction contractor in Mohali that doesn’t shy away from investing in our equipment. We upgrade our technology consistently and use additional extensions to further decrease the smoke and noise produced.

We increase the efficiency of our machinery by regularly maintaining it and installing hybrid features that reduce fuel emissions and consequently pollution.

Diligent towards Regulations

RS Builders is always religiously abiding by all the government and industrial mandates to ensure the best, most trustworthy services in construction & building. With all of our tools up to code, workflows according to the guidelines, and safety provisions even more cautious than the mandates, we ensure we’re leaving no stone unturned to achieve maximum sustainability.


There’s no denying the fact that construction has some serious impacts on the environment around us, yet it isn’t something that can be shut down altogether due to its extensive list of benefits and integral role in the nation’s growth. Hence, it becomes our responsibility as a renowned construction contractor company to ensure we’re minimizing the damages as much as we can.

If you’re also passionate about building and sustainability, look no further because you’re just at the perfect place! Connect with us to get green solutions for your upcoming projects.

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