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A Civil Engineer Who Expresses Creativity In His Structures

The Ribbon House

RS Builders has a inheritance of its own. It All started when a little boy dreamt about being the best in the world and creating structures that would express the artistic allure and creativity that would be remembered for years. RS Builders is at its peak in residential and commercial construction today. It has delivered over 100 residential and commercial projects, constructing excellent modern residential and commercial buildings.

The journey of RS Builders is inspiring, paving the way for a sustainable and greener future for our buildings. We are still creating riveting structures inspired by the modern lifestyle and aesthetic ambience. The journey from a thought to an exemplary organisation has been incredible, and we want you to cherish how RS Builders came into existence and embarked on an expedition to create huge structures. Fasten your seat belts as we take you on an epic ride of how these architectural masterpieces make their way into the real world from your thoughts.

Life Journey

The fantastic journey of Mr Ravijeet Singh and RS Builders began at a very tender age when Mr Ravijeet Singh and his family lived near dams and canals. His curiosity about massive structures started to flower, and he became passionate about significant and robust designs. After he completed his 12th standard, the goal in his life was crystal clear, to be a magnificent engineer. He decided to achieve his dream by pursuing Civil Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in Patiala, Punjab. The glorious batch was of 1995. Now, it was time for the dreams to become reality. 

Mr Ravijeet Singh established RS Builders in Mohali, Punjab, to pursue his dream of creating mesmerising structures. The French architect Le Corbusier, the principal designer who made Chandigarh’s city beautiful, significantly inspired him.  Another Inspiration was Milkha Singh, the flying sikh. Both these monumental figures inspired Mr Ravijeet Singh to create incredible structures in harmony with mother nature, making them memorable for years to come. 

Reaching New Heights Of Construction

The company delved into commercial and residential construction, creating flowing structures from rigid materials. The company completed Hotel Aroma Premium in Chandigarh, and on it went. Between 1998 and 2014, the company made its mark in the construction industry by completing over 100 residential projects and covering over 20 lakh square feet in industrial projects. One of the famed projects that made it to the top 3 offices in India is Atelier Kirkos. This commercial building, built in 2016, challenges all the traditional components of an office. The entire construction was concentrated on a circular conference room made out of transparent glass and placed at the centre of the office. Every corner uniquely utilises space, and a black mirror granite flooring adds a bit of luxury to the area.

The primary residential project showcasing the craft of construction is the Ribbon House, which was completed with extreme precision and expressed its name in every way. The flowing concrete creates an illusion of a ribbon around the house. This masterpiece is spread across more than 3700 square feet and pays homage to clients’ professions in the construction industry. The house’s grand volume is broken into subtle curves that allow sunlight and air to flow into the home, creating a harmony of nature and concrete structure. This visual masterpiece compels by-passers to wonder how such a free-flowing and flexible structure could be made with concrete and iron bars.  

Talent Recognised By The World

The fellow architects and the construction industry recognised the unmatched zeal and passion towards constructing massive structures of RS Builders. Mr Ravijeet Singh and RS Builders have been acknowledged nationwide for building modern structures that mark architectural excellence and using quality materials to complete the project. A few rewards include the Best Concrete of The Year Award in 2020, the award for Outstanding Concrete Technologist in 2023, and Best Concrete Structure for the Year 2016 for Atelier Kirkos. The magnanimous architectural masterpieces have been published in infamous magazines like the Arch Daily, Tribune and Amazing Architecture.

Cubism and Expressionism exceptionally inspire his designs and projects, the basic principles defined by Mr Corbusier, which set these structures apart from the others in the industry. Mr Ravijeet Singh is also an esteemed Paul Harris fellow and a member of the Rotary Club. He was also appointed as the president of the  Industrial Business Association. All these awards and recognitions are just a glimpse into the extraordinary life of RS Builders and Mr Ravijeet Singh. RS Builder is on a constant learning curve and aspires to construct more projects that retain the serenity of the surroundings. RS Builders build structures that create perfect harmony between modern architecture and environmental sustainability in the buildings.

What’s Coming Ahead

RS Builders focuses on constructing places that exuberate freshness, use natural elements and follow mother nature so that the buildings complement the eco-friendly environment. The upcoming projects of RS Builders include Open Air Theatre – Office Rooftop, a unique combination of eco-friendly construction and space utilisation. The airflow and natural light are utilised to their maximum potential to connect with the outer environment and make the building energy-efficient. This visionary project aims to bring art, nature and education under the same roof to showcase harmony between design elements. Stronger emphasis is on completing the project using the green building process and offering a visual masterpiece to the occupant.

At RS Builders, we are dedicated to constructing residential and commercial structures that give the building an artistic touch by utilising the best quality construction material. The construction process focuses on a green building procedure, ensuring minimum wastage and completing the project in the stipulated time and budget. Choose RS Builders to be your construction partner, and join us on the journey where we convert your dreams into reality with our skills, premium quality materials and expertise. Contact us now to get your dream project started by the best builders in Mohali.

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