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The RS Builders Flag hoisted at Mount Elbrus: The Highest peak in Europe, along with the Tricolor

RS Builders

On 11th August 2023, RS builders touched new heights (quite literally ) by getting our flag unfurled atop Mount Elbrus- the highest peak in all of Europe with Gurjot Kaler- an impeccable officer of the Punjab Police Force. Making us, the first construction company, unfurl its flag on the magnificent peak.

This momentous achievement was made possible with the determination and perseverance of our celebrated officer- Gurjot Kaler, who triumphed over this 18,500-foot summit in just 5 days after some quick hikes to adapt to the surroundings.

Gurjot is a skilled mountaineer trained from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakhand, currently serving as an AIG in the state government’s Excise & Taxation branch. What connected us is our shared spirit of welfare. His immense contribution towards eradicating the drug abuse issue in the state struck a chord with us.

Owing to our philanthropic founder Mr. Ravijeet Singh, RS Builders was established on the values of Creativity, Innovation, and Benevolence. Apart from our construction services, we’re very passionate about public service and keep working to make a difference, whether big or small. While Chandigarh holds a special place in our hearts, we’re always looking for ways to contribute toward empowering talented minds and zealous individuals from all over the state and the country.

And so, we were more than glad to Receive the opportunity to connect with a celebrated officer of the law and contribute to his movement to raise awareness about environmental issues. RS Builders were honoured to sponsor this 4-people expedition and make it possible for our nation’s flag to be hoisted at the peak on the occasion of our 77th Independence Day.

Our resolute climbers were excited about the adventure and despite the weather’s consistent turbulence and thunderstorms, they kept going with full enthusiasm and unwavering ambition. We were ecstatic to know that our contribution helped make this journey somewhat easier for them. Especially considering how difficult the climb was!

The 5,595-metre-high Mount Elbrus is an extinct volcano, pretty inhospitable to trekkers with its harsh weather and a lot of snow. Particularly on the day of this expedition, it was all the more unpleasant with rigorous lightning crowding the sky. Considered one of the unmountable summits once, this peak is now a testament to India and its daredevils.

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Officer Kaler and his entire team for making the nation proud, it was a privilege to be able to sponsor the expedition and be a part of this courageous pursuit.

Seeing our blood, sweat, and tears through the years on the mountaintop, was a surreal experience for RS Builders. It goes to show that when you have the right mindset and enthusiasm, no milestone is unachievable! This goes for us as well as all of you who dream of making a mark for the world to remember.

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