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The Pinnacle Of Aesthetic Commercial Construction: The Never Never Cube

Never Never Cube


The construction industry has seen enormous advancements in terms of the construction process, building designs and sustainability aspects of the projects. The Never Never Cube is one such project that lays the foundation for an aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient commercial construction that forms a special bond between the outside world and the indoor environment. This building is the result of a determined, dedicated construction process and the use of top-notch building materials to turn our client’s imagination into reality. The entire design of this building incorporates nature in every way possible, whether it is sunlight through the glass or adequate fresh air on the balconies.

This commercial project is the pinnacle of superior construction that our company envisions delivering with each commercial project. The construction industry recognised the magnificent construction of this commercial space,  and the completion of this project within the stipulated budget also points towards the quality of the construction process we undertake. In this blog, we will look at how this structural masterpiece came into existence from the creative minds of the engineers and provide a follow-through to the entire construction process of this commercial space. Let us dive into the mesmerising world of superior construction that made The Never Never Cube a breathtaking reality. 

From Concept To Reality

Commercial construction is one of the significant areas in the construction industry, and modern-day buildings demand aesthetic design with sustainability and energy efficiency. Our team of qualified engineers and dedicated workers took up this project that stands tall in the JLPL Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab. This commercial building now serves as a style statement leased out for offices or display centres in the heart of the corporate arena. The challenge was to bring two pieces of land together and bind them in a spacious commercial space that would provide a mesmerising experience to the occupants.

The walls are painted with soft tones of white and grey, providing breathability and a calming experience, and the concrete facade is a sight to behold for the on-lookers. The white cage frames used in the balcony add a bit of safety and rhythm to the balcony. The Never Never Cube is a structural masterpiece that shows creative design could be implemented in real life with the help of immaculate construction. It was a mammoth task to bring this piece of art from paper to real life, but our team put their heart and soul into the construction process and created this compelling commercial space by shaping concrete and steel. 

The Construction Process

This commercial building is built on a staggering 838 per metre square land, an example of our company’s quality construction process and sustainable buildings. The construction of this unique commercial project was completed in the year 2021. Since then, it has stood as a landmark exemplifying immaculate construction that breathes life into our clients’ imaginations. We used top-quality construction materials to complete this project and ensured that each aspect of this building was a testament to the exceptional green building process. Our experienced and skilled workers have taken care of every tiny detail and work tirelessly to meet the standards and aesthetic expectations.  

We have followed the local building norms while constructing this beautiful cubical masterpiece, and to provide an enriching experience to the occupants, we have used glass, steel, cement, and paints. Every commercial project brings new challenges to us, and we are always ready to face and overcome aesthetic creativity with our experienced engineers. Constructing this commercial building project took a year and a half, and the master engineering made it possible to curb the cost per square foot to just rupees 1000. All the hard work and planning paid off, as this massive building makes a design statement for modern commercial projects.

The Quality Construction

The idea while making this building was to keep the costs as low as possible and deliver such a project that would add an essence of boldism, acting as a landmark for the nearby area. With this vision in mind, we followed the best construction process and green building techniques to make this project a reality. We successfully managed the whole project from the beginning to the end and ensured that every worker putting in effort to complete this project was safe and secure. Adequate emission control measures and staff vaccination protocols were followed during the construction phase of this commercial beauty.

This industrial construction celebrates our relationship with nature, and it has been done keeping in mind the availability of abundant sunlight and fresh air throughout all the floors of this building so that there is perfect harmony between the occupant’s minds and bodies. The spacious balconies are the ideal spot for a coffee break, and the placement of plants adds to the ambient inner environment. The effective use of glass on the outside permits ample daylight to illuminate the indoors, reducing the building’s energy consumption costs.


Completing a commercial project like this one demands extreme dedication and years of experience in the construction sector. You need a creative mind to shape the client’s dreams with steel and concrete. The innovative mind behind the successful completion of this building was Mr. Ravijeet Singh. Our founder and CEO have been inspired by the intricate works of the French architect Mr Le Corbusier and our founder’s vision to create compelling structures that add to the beautiful heritage of the city beautiful Chandigarh.

Trust us with the successful completion of your commercial projects. We are the best builders in Mohali and will turn your imagination into reality with our diverse consultation services. We offer commercial construction, residential construction, turnkey projects and consultation services so that your dreams look far more beautiful on the concrete land. Besides this project, we have completed numerous other projects you can enjoy on our website. Contact us now to start constructing your dream commercial space with the best builders.

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