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RS Builders: The One-Stop Destination for Your Commercial and Residential Construction

Residential Construction

A house, an office, a business centre, or any building appears materialistic at the first glance. It is only if you look closely, do you realise that every structure says something. It could be the happiness of earning a roof over your head, or the bold bet you’ve made by starting a new venture your building reflects your journey. Here at RS Builders, we’re here to listen!

We’re the Commercial and Residential Constructors that’ll bridge the gap between the visions you dream of and the reality we’ll make happen. For any building to last, it all comes down to its construction and execution. We realise the importance of what we do and hence promise to do it with the utmost honesty and the best quality.

The RS Experience: What Sets Us Apart?

As the best builder in Mohali, we’re always innovating with the best processes to create magic. The recognition that we’ve earned did not come easy, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into building the trust we are now proud to share with you all. What makes us special is our relentless thirst to outperform ourselves while serving our clients in the best possible manner.

Two decades of Experience

We’ve been providing eminent construction services for about 23 years and every year in the industry has taught us more than any book, workshop, or seminar ever could. Twenty years of practical learning and problem-solving have led us to now create a refined workflow to keep things running smoothly for you.

Transparent & Truthful

We deeply value honesty here at RS Builders, especially when it comes to dealing with our clients. From the moment we meet, we ensure to keep you involved every step of the way. We’re upfront with our timelines and budget from the get-go so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected delays or hidden charges.

Environmentally Conscious

RS Builders is in fact one of the first Builders in Mohali to practice sustainability even when it’s not convenient. When we say we keep our processes eco-friendly, we don’t just mean recycling some of the waste produced. We mean going above and beyond to ensure there is no wastage, proper disposal, usage of green materials, and so much more. This not only protects the planet but also bodes well for your pockets!

We Love Challenges!

Our diverse portfolio is already a testament to our bold spirit. We’re known for flawlessly executing even the most complex architectural designs and adding our personal touch. So if you’re looking for someone to help you build creative and complex structures, talk to us today!

Elegance Executed with Excellence

We are known both for our exquisite creations dominating the corporate hub in Mohali, Punjab, and for its heavenly homes drawing attention in the suburbs. RS Builders truly is the One-Stop destination when it comes to your commercial and residential construction. Here are some propositions we bring to the table:

-Diverse portfolio with projects of all scales and sizes

-Modern construction with unique concepts

-Turn-key projects where we handle it all

-General Construction and Consulting services

-Technology-friendly houses and buildings

-Award-winning construction services

Our Residential Construction Services

The Ribbon House built by RS Builders is the perfect example of our home construction services. We take your thoughts and visions behind your ideal home and erect the house of your dreams, even better than you could have imagined. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to fulfil all your wishes and exceed your expectations.

Learn more about how we’ll create a beautiful home for you.

Our Commercial Construction Services

Our Commercial Construction services are a class apart from anything you’ll see in the entire Tricity or even beyond! Our Robust concepts like The Meltcrete and The Never Never Cube can be seen enhancing the corporate region in Mohali. RS Builders is extra diligent in our processes and our space utilisation and energy-saving methods are brilliantly displayed in our commercial buildings.

Learn more about our commercial construction services.


All in all, if you’re looking for a construction company to handle everything from conception to closing, you’re in the right hands with RS Builders. We’re the answer to all your construction problems and we’re looking forward to collaborating with you for your residential and commercial buildings!

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