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Carving An Identity Of Its Own: The Tessa Lace By RS Builders

Tessa lace


Modern society gives a unique space to building aesthetics, and the everchanging commercial buildings require an aesthetically pleasing design that promotes breathability and gives them a unique identity. Skilled engineers could make basic geometric shapes look stunning. External facades are carving notable trends in the construction industry, and embracing such trends is the impressive commercial space, the Tessa Lace. Our extreme precision in making this building is a testament to the quality standards our company aims to adhere to in each construction project. A good design is made into an incredible structure through the engineers’ determination, dedication, and unwavering skill.

This commercial project was very different in terms of design and execution. The construction process of this building entailed several obstacles, which we overcame through our skill and expertise. The versatility of construction materials helped us in giving this building an identity of its own. This commercial space has set the standard for other commercial construction projects and standards for quality construction. Let us explore the unique aesthetics of this building and understand how we turned this mesmerising design into reality with the help of concrete. 

Project Details

This commercial building marks its unique presence at Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab. The space is now utilised as offices for corporate bodies, and the building design strikes a conversation with the on-lookers. The project earns its name from the word tessellate. Tessellated means a pattern of repeated shapes, especially polygons, that fit together closely without overlaps or gaps.  The polygonal shapes and the deliberate voids allow for ample natural light to cross through the inner area of the building, which improves its energy efficiency. The series of solids and voids in tones of grey and white create a vibrant view, which was accomplished with the help of different construction materials.

 The entire commercial space has been constructed on 1533 square metres.  The construction of this magnificent building was completed in the year 2021, and we managed the whole project. Executing intricate designs like this one was a challenge for us, but our dedicated workers moulded the materials with proficiency to deliver the project. The white lines, which create distinctive polygons, are made of white MS [mild steel] flat members, and these fill up voids at different spots, creating a mesmerising outer facade. Our team of skilled workers and expert engineers work day and night to deliver this project up to our client’s expectations.

The Execution

The tessellated facade on the outside of the building is constructed with repeated polygonal shapes that give the building a unique identity and separate it from the other mundane glass and steel commercial establishments. The voids left in the shapes provide air and sunlight crossing to provide an ambient work environment for the occupants of this commercial space. The balconies serve as an excellent place for a small break from work and to enjoy some coffee or chitchat over the phone. Best-quality steel has been used in making the fences of the balconies, providing reliability and safety to the occupants. The use of durable glasses in the building gives a seamless flow of energy and breathability throughout the building.

Painting the building with quality paints in dark shades of grey and black gives depth to the building. Steel, cement, elevators, and many more were other construction materials used to deliver quality in this commercial project. Every detail of the building has been carved to extreme excellence to maintain uniqueness in structure. Apart from ensuring the top-notch quality of construction materials, adequate measures were taken to ensure the safety of our workers, as we value the trust of the clients and the well-being of our employees the most. These values guide us in delivering quality commercial projects within time and offer a stress-free construction experience to our clients.

Attracting Recognition

The geometrical design was a complex task to accomplish, as each shape needed to be at a perfect angle. The experienced hands of our workers did justice to the design, which was recognised by the construction industry. The difficulties and obstacles that we faced & overcame to deliver this project successfully were all embraced by the society. Such recognition is a testament to the unique polygonal facade work and excellent construction process of this building, which has separated itself from the other boring glass and steel commercial places.

RS Builders and Mr Ravijeet Singh did a splendid job efficiently completing this commercial project. All the team members showed the vision and mindset required to deliver this project successfully, and the building now serves as a style statement for other commercial buildings. Projects like these portray the level of intricacy and attention to detail our company envision delivering with each commercial project. The occupants of Tessa Lace will have a serene experience working there as the natural light crossing from the voids will illuminate the inner area, and the winds will help regulate the temperature of the building. 


The construction process of this commercial space took us on a journey where we explored different construction materials and got the innovation to use those materials to provide a visual masterpiece for society. Buildings like these add to the unique architecture of Chandigarh, and the ultimate construction will make this building a part of magnificent commercial construction. Delivering such special commercial projects requires a construction company which you can trust with your money and time. 

RS Builders is one such construction company that will deliver to your expectations, and our expert workers will turn your imaginative thoughts into concrete reality. We have many years of experience in the construction industry and offer residential, commercial, and industrial construction, turnkey projects, and consultation services. We have delivered mesmerising commercial projects like these, which speak for themselves. We are there for you if you want to build a commercial space. Contact us now to make your dream of having an out-of-the-box commercial space a reality.

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