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The Innovation Behind The Ribbon House, By RS Builders

Ribbon House


Residential construction seems simple, but it has become more of an artistic job with time. Modern homes’ design variations and changing aesthetics are challenging for home builders. With the increasing aesthetic appeal of homeowners, construction companies are also upgrading their construction process to meet clients’ expectations. Certain skilled construction companies deliver projects that exceed architectural aspects, and such projects set the scale for the construction industry. One such example is the Ribbon House. This residential project is one of the most challenging and special residential projects that we completed, and the journey of construction in this project was one to remember. 

This project was inspired by curvy designs, and the execution needed to be precise to deliver the house successfully. The use of quality materials in the construction and integration of light and airflow into the house was a significant achievement that would enhance the living experience in the house. We will take you on the journey of how this house came into the real world from imagination and stands as a quality standard for residential homes. Explore the innovative techniques that we used to make this project one of a kind and how the safety aspects were taken care of during the construction.

From Imagination To Reality

This magnificent structure once seemed a dream that was hard to achieve. The unwavering determination of home builders like us carved out the imagination into a concrete reality that provides a breathtaking experience to the occupants. This magnificent home is located at Wave Estate Sector 85 Mohali,  Punjab, which exemplifies how a visualistic mindset can make impossible things a reality. The entire area of this 3712 square feet house speaks for the quality construction we did to deliver to our client’s expectations.

RS Builders managed this project with extreme dedication, as this residential construction was a significant step towards setting an example of how well-versed we were in our craft of delivering residential projects with precision. The entire execution of this project was very complex, and each element of the house was set in harmony to give a mesmerising look to the finished home. This project was completed in 2022 and gained recognition in the construction industry for its unique curvy designs.

The Construction

The most challenging thing in this project was to make the curvy structures with concrete that displayed a flowing design. The name of this residential project is derived from the concrete ribbon that seems to wrap the entire perimeters of the house. The inspiration for this construction project has been taken from the parametric ideology of Zaha Hadid. The curvilinear structures have a 99 per cent possibility of failure in executions, but our expert workers took precision to another level by completing the flowing structures with concrete help. 

The unique staircase in the house is also made by our professionals, who dedicated their years of experience and skill to carving out aesthetics from the construction material. Adequate safety measures were also taken in the construction process of this residential building, like heavy equipment safety measures, routine safety meetings, accident reporting systems, regular exercise and fall protection measures. All these measures ensured that every worker contributing to the successful completion of this project was healthy and happy. The execution of all our plans was done with extreme precision, and every detail has been taken care of.

Innovation At It’s Best

The element of light was one of the most intricate and detailed aspects of this house that we managed to capture. We did a 365-day shadow analysis of this building during COVID-19 to analyse the exact position of the sun’s shadow. This analysis helped us make the structure so that the sunlight from one end touches the other end of the house, as the joinery levels of the house have been taken as 12 feet in height. This analysis allowed ample sunlight to penetrate the house’s different areas to connect the occupants with nature. The curvy structures of the house made with concrete let the air and light pass through the corners of the house, providing an ambient environment for the residents. This air and light access adds to the house’s energy efficiency, which is an excellent step towards creating sustainable homes.

To keep the house properly ventilated, a loop of 350 metres of pipe has been laid down that helps keep the house cold and circulate air. This mechanism provides us with temperature variations of five to seven degrees Celsius. The walls are another innovative thing that makes this residential construction a piece of art. The walls of this house are 18 inches thick, with 9 inches of outer walls with a three-inch cavity in between to insulate the house from external temperatures. This innovation in the walls also makes this house insulated from noise, giving the occupants a calming home experience.


Completing this project gave us the confidence to capture any design in the world with our skills. Like this project, every project takes the collective efforts of all the people involved in the construction to transform the client’s dreams into mesmerising reality. Our company left no stone unturned to deliver up to the aesthetic and structural expectations. We followed the green building process in this house construction project. The ambient inner environment provides a subtle touch to the air and light, making the house well-lit and well-ventilated. We aim to execute more difficult structures like this in the future.

If you also want an aesthetic and sustainable home, you need to contact us. We are the top builders in Mohali and provide residential building construction services. The quality and dedication can be seen in each of the residential projects we have completed. Our focus is on giving you a stress-free journey throughout the construction of your home. We promise you to deliver a home that will far exceed your expectations. Apart from residential projects, we provide commercial, industrial, turnkey, and consultation services. We are your best choice for constructing a home that breathes nature and sustainability.

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