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A terrace office situated on an existing building in a grooming industrial area in Mohali. The motive was to offer a pleasant view in the locale full of commercial and other industrial structures and be viewed as an unbelievable add-on construction that was once hard to imagine. The addon is interpreted as a miniature world bound within a box. Although the authenticity doesn’t limit here, the exterior view of the structure portrays an assembly of distinguishing volumes showcasing a much wider context altogether. The view offers a wistful glance of perspective through varied heights and angles that propose a visual dilemma of endurance. With this comes an experience of peculiarity and fluidity as the swathe axial configuration presents a refreshing site of grandeur through elitism formed based on the skin and bone structure. Not just that, directional ventilation offers a pleasant experience suitable for all seasons.

Project Details

Name :


Type Of Building :

Commercial Building

Location :

Mohali, Punjab, India

Year Of completion :



Principal Architect :

Mr Badrinath Kaleru and Mrs Prerna Kaleru from Studio Ardete

Design Head :

Ar. Badrinath Kaleru

Design Team:

Ar. Badrinath Kaleru, Ar. Prerna Kaleru, Ar. Anusha Sharma, Ar. Mehak Gupta, Ar. Ramandeep Rathour

Project Management :

RS Builders

Photography :

Mr. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Electrical & Lighting Consultants :

The Luminars

Metal Fabrication :

B.N.K. Dome Archi

Construction size

Built Area :

2387 sqft.

Materials / Products Used

Art N Glass (Laminated glass), I Guzzini, Turakhia Veneers, CERA Grey Granite, Durenzo

Safety measures

Staff Vaccination, Emission Control Measures